How a Business Tax Loan Can Ease Your HMRC VAT & Corporation Tax Worries

Paying business tax is a part of running a business. The more successful the business, the larger the sums that you need to pay to the tax man.

But when these bills are not planned for or come as an unexpectedly high surprise, the impact on your business cash-flow can be severe.

That’s why many businesses choose to minimise the impact of such demands by putting in place as a simple solution to spread the burden over time into affordable, regular monthly payments.

Our funding partners specialise in providing exactly this type of solution for businesses so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – running the business.

Why your tax bill might become a problem

Ideally, you should always know when your tax bills are coming and how much they are likely to be. However, increased trading or unexpected business costs may leave you short of funds and this could mean that you have a shortfall in your cash-flow that means you struggle to pay your VAT or Corporation Tax bills on time and late payments are penalised by HMRC.

Spreading the cost of such bills into affordable monthly payments is a great way to deal with these types of regular bills. Setting up this kind of facility for your business is simple to do, will help you avoid reputational risk and also avoid any penalties.

It will also allow your business to deal properly with income fluctuations, free u your hard-earned business cash to deployment elsewhere and is often a great solution for both start-ups and also more established businesses.

Put simply, good planning can help you easily avid the long-term problems for your business should a large shortfall in your cash-flow arise.

Late-paying customers will often have plenty of plausible reasons for not paying you in time and the chances are that you will have to accept these to preserve your hard-earned business accounts. Sadly, HMRC have no obligation to accept such excuses as they are simply following out due process and have clear deadlines which all businesses must adhere to.

Payment demand from HMRC can mean serious problems for your business and not paying on time can make matters even worse.

How You Can Use a Business Tax Loan to Pay HMRC & Corporation Tax Bills

Using a Business Tax Loan is a simple and straightforward way to deal with cash-flow problems and ensure that your business pays its major creditors on time.


This type of loan is not just for emergencies, it will:

  • Provide your Business with a lump sum payment in as little as 48 hours
  • Enable you to spread the loan costs over a fixed period of time so that the repayments are spread and affordable
  • Be a tax-efficient way to way to deal with cash-flow shortfalls as the VAT element of your loan will be treated as an allowable expense for VAT purposes and can be reclaimed.

Key Benefits to HMRC & Corporation Tax Loans

  • Provides fast cash - when your business needs it most.
  • Helps you to build and retain profits.
  • Allows you to spread the costs into affordable monthly payments
  • Allows you to reinvest in other important business areas such as plant, stock, equipment or machinery.

Our funding partners can help you refinance existing borrowing or provide additional funding to take away the pain and even help you to spread all the costs using one manageable monthly payment.

All proposals will be fully considered by a specialist lending team. The application process is simple and completed online in minutes. Rapid underwriting means that once approved you can have your funds in a little as 24 hours.

Our funding partners will do their very best to get you:

  • A Quick Decision
  • Funds in 24 Hours wherever possible
  • High Acceptance Rates

For business use only. Our funding partners do not offer any loans or regulated consumer finance agreements of any kind. They only provide Secured Finance for Businesses in England & Wales.

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