Why is Asset Finance Popular with Small Businesses?

Why is Asset Finance Popular with Small Businesses?
 04 December 2019

1. Speed
Asset Finance can be provided quicker than any bank with funds in your business account in as little as 24 hours.

2. Multi-purpose
You can use the funds to start your business, grow your business, buy or refinance equipment, equipment, pay tax or VAT bills or to acquire another business.

3. No delays
There are no hidden costs and funds can be provided hassle-free.

4. Reduced costs and risks
Using asset finance is an effective way to fund your business purchases as well as reduce the risk that can come with ownership.

5. Industry expertise
Asset finance providers have a good understanding of many business types and can use their expert knowledge to fast-track your application and tailor an affordable solution to meet your business needs. 

6. Monthly payments
You receive the cash up-front and asset finance allows you to spread the costs with affordable monthly payments from 6 months to 60 months.

7. Reduced tax
Asset finance is a tax deductible business expense so you can offset the VAT on your monthly repayments to help reduce your business tax liabilities.


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